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Basic Features Of Flippa Clone Script

When using Flippa clone websites created using Flippa clone scripts, there are some basic features that you should expect the Flippa clone script to offer you. These are the basic features that are also found on These basic features are as follows.


The administration panel needs to be attractive and very user-friendly so that you can enjoy doing what you have to do always. The panel is where you manage everything; therefore, to make your experience better, an attractive dashboard will go a long way.


A Flippa clone website deals with buying and selling that primarily revolves around a bidding system. With many buyers and sellers, the admin of the website needs to be effective at managing the different auctions taking place. The Admin can also mark an auction as either approved, disapproved or completely disapprove the auction.


In a Flippa clone website, the user dashboard needs to be user-friendly. As a user, one can either be a buyer or a seller and can act as both. The dashboard can contain information such as the financial details, the activity overview of the user, the private messages exchanged between users, and more.


The buyer and the seller will have to talk at some point. Therefore, a private messaging system is vital. This will enable a secured communication between the buyer and seller. Therefore no one will ever know who is talking to whom privately concerning the purchase and selling of a website.


Every website listed in the Flippa clone needs to be verified before it is put up for sale. This helps minimize the chances of getting scammed. The Flippa clone website administrator will do the verification.


Other than verifying a website, the ownership of the website also needs to be verified. This is the same for the domain name. This avoids the issue of selling websites that are not yours because of false ownership claims.


There are a lot of websites that get listed on a Flippa clone website. To make the process easier for buyers to search through the websites, the listings are categorized. They can be in categories such as most active, ending soon, new listing, and more.


Numerous online payment methods are very secure and dependable like Paypal, Payoneer, and so on. The Flippa clone website needs to have the payment gateway established.


Content management system must be established to help the admin manage all the content that is available on the website effectively.

Best Available Airbnb Clone Scripts

Are you looking to buy an Airbnb clone script? A list of top five efficient Airbnb clone scripts were picked after a lot of research. A brief introduction to each of the script along with three most important features is given below for your further reading!

1 Claydip

Claydip is one among the easily affordable Airbnb clone scripts. It costs you just US$ 99 to have the rental booking portal up and running. Paying more does not always ensure you the best product. Thus, if you are on a budget hunt for a script this is the best option for you.
Features: SEO optimization, free support and installation for the first month and highly customizable.

2 DropInn

DropInn is another popular clone script for Airbnb released by Cogzidel for USD 299. They offer 30 days free trial version to all their clients. The latest version, DropInn 4.1.5 has better features than some of the other costlier Airbnb clone scripts available in the market. It is easy to install and to maintain.
Features: Google analytics, improved neighborhood, and advertising popup.

3 Inout EasyRooms

This clone script by default is a combination of both Airbnb and TripAdvisor. The model is well suited for small scale business ideas. They provide one year free updates, installations, and standard support. The package is priced USD 449.
Features: customisation of code, stylish design and multiple payment gateways and revenue options

4 BistroStays

The name BistroStays itself has brand value and unique place in the market of Airbnb clone scripts. This makes it all the way easier for you to trust them with your website script. The software is developed by NCrypted and is priced USD 499. They are also offering a free one year support and maintenance offer with the package.
Features: Platform independent, handles big data without any breakdowns, and stable release.

5 Renters

Renters are another leading clone script provider for vacation rental or booking or similar business models. The company is striving harder year by year to release better versions of the software. The un-encrypted features make the Renters software more secure and reliable than its contemporaries.

Features : Efficient bug-free code, responsive device adaptable to most of the devices and a new release every year.

You can visit the official website of all the developers to find out more details. Make a wise choice as the website is the heart and soul of an online business.

Features of Freelancer Clone Script

The freelancer clone script comes with a lot of features that can even be customized according to the user’s requirement. If he doesn’t require any bidding option, then the same can be removed and some other element can be constructed which may define his work in a perfect way. Some of the main features of the freelancer clone script are:

Freelancer Reviews : Freelancer reviews can give a genuine idea about the employer’s work based on the previous works done.

Employer Reviews : Similarly, employer’s reviews can give a genuine idea about the complexity of the work done by the other freelancers. It can also give us an idea about how easy are the employers on their payment terms.

Simple Bidding System : In order to achieve a successful business on freelancer, this bidding clears the path for one.

Project Management : Admin can control the complete projects that are listed on the website by editing, flagging, approving, disapproving or by suspending it.

Category Management : As lots of projects are posted on the website, hence classification of the respective business project is very important and is also easy to manage.

Hidden Bid : It hides the other freelancer’s bids, and employers get to know the right value for their projects.

Hire Request : After getting the best bid on the project, employer can just click on hire to hire that particular freelancer and can then assign him the final project with a deadline.

Withdraw funds request : Both the freelancers and employers can take their money out from the wallet once the admin approves the final project.

Search Filter : Both employers and freelancers can easily search for one another by clicking on the search that further filters the location, skills and job types.

Zazpay : It is a secured payment gateway and processes hassle free-transactions.

Social Marketing and Social Sharing : These clone scripts also enables the user to do promotional activities for the posted projects by various means of sharing, also if marketed well, the project gets the best bids and best freelancers work on the respective project.

Besides the above listed features, there are many other features of the freelancer clone script which makes it unique from the other freelance project websites. It also provides a private workroom for the freelancer’s and employer’s one to one conversations. It also provides a set of power pack accounting tools which maintains a record of all the work done and of all the transactions.

Top 6 Popular Website Clone Script

Clone scripts are web scripts that mimic the functionalities of a given web site or web application in terms of design, features, or both. In this section, you can find clones of many popular sites, from Facebook and YouTube to Twitter. Genuine clone scripts and custom solutions for website clone development by NCrypted for popular websites.