Features of Freelancer Clone Script

The freelancer clone script comes with a lot of features that can even be customized according to the user’s requirement. If he doesn’t require any bidding option, then the same can be removed and some other element can be constructed which may define his work in a perfect way. Some of the main features of the freelancer clone script are:

Freelancer Reviews : Freelancer reviews can give a genuine idea about the employer’s work based on the previous works done.

Employer Reviews : Similarly, employer’s reviews can give a genuine idea about the complexity of the work done by the other freelancers. It can also give us an idea about how easy are the employers on their payment terms.

Simple Bidding System : In order to achieve a successful business on freelancer, this bidding clears the path for one.

Project Management : Admin can control the complete projects that are listed on the website by editing, flagging, approving, disapproving or by suspending it.

Category Management : As lots of projects are posted on the website, hence classification of the respective business project is very important and is also easy to manage.

Hidden Bid : It hides the other freelancer’s bids, and employers get to know the right value for their projects.

Hire Request : After getting the best bid on the project, employer can just click on hire to hire that particular freelancer and can then assign him the final project with a deadline.

Withdraw funds request : Both the freelancers and employers can take their money out from the wallet once the admin approves the final project.

Search Filter : Both employers and freelancers can easily search for one another by clicking on the search that further filters the location, skills and job types.

Zazpay : It is a secured payment gateway and processes hassle free-transactions.

Social Marketing and Social Sharing : These clone scripts also enables the user to do promotional activities for the posted projects by various means of sharing, also if marketed well, the project gets the best bids and best freelancers work on the respective project.

Besides the above listed features, there are many other features of the freelancer clone script which makes it unique from the other freelance project websites. It also provides a private workroom for the freelancer’s and employer’s one to one conversations. It also provides a set of power pack accounting tools which maintains a record of all the work done and of all the transactions.